Dream Your Life/Live Your Dream


Dream Your Life…The Key to Your Future!

From ancient times dreams have been recognised as putting us in touch with the wider universe – both without and within ourselves.  Empires and battles have been won or lost because of the belief in the power of dreams.Dreams come from the deepest part of ourselves – the part that is connected to what is called the “collective unconscious” or “universal mind” that exists in all of us.

We simply cannot process all of the billions of messages we receive from everything and everyone around us – our conscious minds cannot multi-task to that extent!  However, the unconscious mind can perceive all that is happening….and store the information, in case you may have need of it.

Living Your Dream(s)

If you think dreams are just a result of a dodgy dinner, you could be right!

However, if you look at your dreams as a way of the wider world helping you to focus on on the matters that are most beneficial to you (or conversely, avoid those things, people and places that are not good for you!), you’re missing out on a great opportunity to actually live the life that is best suited for who you are!

But I Don’t/Can’t Remember My Dreams

This short video will provide some useful information about a simple system that helps you to harness the power of your dreams.

For more information, book a FREE 15-MINUTE MINI CONSULTATION and let’s talk about YOUR dream(s) – and as a thank you, get a FREE DOWNLOAD!

Be Here, Be NOW

Who (or What) are We Listening To?

burned-out-woman-multitaskingThere’s so much to distract our attention these days – we live in what is called the Information Age — I would suggest that it should be more accurately described as the too much information age!

From the constant pinging of mobile phones and endless selfies, a conversation with a friend (who, by the way is sitting next to you!) becomes a three-way, as your companion constantly chats to other people.

I don’t know about you, but that annoys me to no end!  I just find it extremely rude – granted, urgent calls need to be dealt with immediately, but anything else….that’s what voicemail is for!  If you are going to sit down in front of me, BE WITH ME!  Sorry for the rant, but I really feel people have got to practice a bit more phone etiquette……

We have forgotten how to be PRESENT.

The Power of Paying Attention

Do you realise that 80% of our communication is non-verbal….or that you will be given that job (or not!) within the first 5 minutes of your interview beginning?

woman-silhouette-mindfulness-wordsRecruiters not only look at your appearance, but the way you carry yourself – do you look interested or bored?  Did you do your homework on the company in order to ask a question (at least one!) about the company?  They’re looking to see whether you are fully engaged and present at the interview!  If in 5 minutes’ time you haven’t made the grade, your interview will soon be over…and so will your job opportunity!


The short video below looks at the issue of being present, and how and why it is vital — whether you’re a student, a business owner or just going about your daily life.

Communication: More than Just Words!

The Lost Art of Conversation

With so much technology these days, the art of face to face communication is becoming increasingly lost – to the point where young people are actually afraid of direct communication, i.e. going to a job interview is a terrifying prospect!  We’ve become so used to having a piece of hardware do the talking for us that the ability to share emotions becomes reduced to emojis or

writing in capital letters…..

When Communicating, Think…Travel

For better communication, think about when you travel….why?

You use your heart (and a lot of facial and hand gestures!) to communicate!restiing_tourists


I remember a lovely, chance encounter while on holiday some years ago…and while I couldn’t speak the language of the person I spoke to, we had a lovely conversation anyway!


The short video below talks about that experience and what we need to truly communicate with one another.

Music: Food for the Soul, Healing for the Mind

Music: A Sweet Path to Healing

Music doesn’t only have “charms to soothe the savage breast” as the saying goes – it also has the power to heal.

Recent studies carried out at Utah University appear to indicate that music can help dementia patients – helping to relieve anxiety, depression and agitation.  More importantly, they work on the part of the brain NOT affected by Alzheimer’s.  A team is now being put together in the US to develop music therapies to address symptoms.

As Jace King, from Utah University said, “When person_locked_in_bottleyou put headphones on dementia patients and play familiar music, they come alive.”

I saw evidence of this myself at the Forget Me Not Ball I recently attended in Liverpool – the organiser’s mother lives with dementia and she just glowed with joy and memories when she heard Glen Miller playing!

Childhood Epilepsy: The Mozart Effect

There is also evidence that a certain piece of music by Mozart (whose music is already famed with helping to create geniuses!) may actually help children with epilepsy.

medication_with_daily_pill_dispenserAccording to researchers at Edinburgh University, Mozart’s Sonata for Two Pianos in D greatly reduced the frequency of epileptic activity in the brain.  This effect did not occur with any other music, including favourite children’s songs, such as Teletubbies’ tunes!


Isn’t it worth listening to a little music and perhaps do away with the need for medication?

Below is a talk given by Dr Audun Myskja of Norway, who has written books about his work with elderly patients – using music and flower essences as an essential part of their treatment (and with some success too!).  His books are used to train nurses in norwegian hospitals, so valuable is his insight into dementia and natural healing.

Changing Attitudes, not Latitudes

If You Can’t Change Your Latitude…..

As the wise surfer dude once said,

“If You Can’t Change Your Latitude, Change Your Attitude, Dude!”

Our attitudes with regard to people, places and things has the abililty to make or break our lives….what are your attitudes doing for you?

Attitude Adjustment:  Why it’s Necessary

In this short video, I look at the issue of attitudes and how they can affect our lives – personal and professional – depending on the direction they take us.

Colour Your World, Change Your Mood!

Colour Your Moods

The impact of colour is so important that it not only helps us to navigate through our lives, it can also help change and enhance our moods.  Think of the delight of the Holi colour festival in India; it’s literally an explosion of colour that makes people dance with joy.

Did you know that colour and light are so intertwined, that even blind people can sense the difference in colours?  Some more sensitive blind people can actually “feel” the vibrations of different colours!

Colour as a Mood (and Game) Changer

What colour(s) make you feel….

  • Confident
  • Sexy
  • PowerfulWatercolour-shades-of-blue

What suit, blouse or scarf gets you the most compliments and makes you feel you’re on top of the world?  Chances are, they are the colours that bring out the best in you!

I recently attended a colour consultation with a good friend, and my fellow WHYse woman, Harry Purewal.  What I learned about colour – and myself – was quite enlightening.  The video below talks about the experience and it’s impact on me.