Colour Your World – and Change Your Mood!

Change Your Mood by Changing your Colours

Rainbow on water   When you colour your world, did you also realise you are also colouring your mood?  The use of colour is a simple, yet effective way to positively impact your mood.

Colour & Emotions

Think a minute – is it that red dress or blue tie that makes you feel good – and gets lots of compliments?  What’s your “power” colour?  Colour doesn’t just reflect our moods, but has the power to change them.

What Exactly IS colour?

Colour – like everything else that exists in the universe – is vibration.  Everything – from musical notes to our blood cells vibrates.  Faster/higher vibrations manifest as light, then sound, finally coalescing into dense matter, i.e. us.  The vibrations generated by different colours can even be detected by blind people through their hands; they state that different colours “feel” different, i.e. have varying vibrations.

Colour Energy – A Few Examples

Below is a short list of various colours and the energy that they emit:

Colour Properties
Red Energises
Orange Encourages friendliness/sociability; also balances sexuality and increases creativity
Yellow Calming; engenders clear thought and imparts a feeling of strength
Green Balances/centres
Pink Eases the heart, especially when deeply hurt
Turquoise Clear communication; speaking with integrity
Deep Blue Stills the mind; good for inspiration and developing intuition
Violet Spiritual enlightenment

These are but a few examples of what colours can help with, but be your own guide – if those turquoise earrings or that hot pink tie makes you feel – happy, confident, sexy, etc. – then wear it!

How Colour Can Impact Your Day

Colour can inspire you, lift your spirits and make life a little more pleasant, especially in winter, when there is so little light. Brighten the winter landscape with colour – rather than succumbing to low moods (and colours) as gray and dull as the weather!.[i] So the next time you are getting ready for work or to go out, ask yourself two questions: first, “How do I feel?”, then ask, “How do I WISH to feel?” Then choose your colours for the day. [i] A little tip if you suffer from the “winter blues” (also known as Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD) – get a small sunstone from a crystal shop and keep it on you at all times – it really does help!