Change is in the Air: Are You Ready?

Change is in the Air: Are You Ready?

Change is in the air – literally.  The days are slowly growing shorter and the nights are cooler.  It’s time to go back to school or work; new beginnings, large and small are happening in your life all the time.  Change is in the air – but are you ready for it?

Getting Ready for Change

Change doesn’t necessarily bring problems – though it is human nature to dislike change and the resultant disruption it can cause in our lives.

Whether our new circumstances are perceived as pleasant or not depends largely on our attitude towards change itself.  Flower and other vibrational essences are wonderful tools which can help us adjust to rapidly changing events – both in our private lives and in the wider world.

Essences for Positive Change

Below are a few vibrational essences which may help you respond to change in a positive way – birth, marriage, teething or the first day or school – essences can help you harness the emotional resilience required to deal with a world suddenly turned upside down.


Helps You to:


Butterfly on flowr

Photo: pat138241

Ancient symbols of transformation, Butterfly essence acts as a catalyst for change.  It helps you to let go and encourages a lightness of being. (Wild Earth Animal Essences)


Flowring Corn Stalks

Photo: Keerati


With its’ strong, upright energy, Corn essences stimulates our creativity and puts paid to procrastination.  This essences is for when your “get up and go” has gotten up and went! (Spirit in Nature Essences)


Papaya Flower

Photo: African Essences

This lovely essence from Kenya is helpful when we get stuck and are unable to find a way to move forward.  Papaya opens you up to new insights and communication at a higher, more spiritual level. (African Essences)


Bougainvillea flower

Photo: S Balgobin

This essence from my own range is, in her own words “a fragrant stairway to heaven”.  This essence supports change, whether great or small, from the beginning to the end of life. (Spirit of Makasutu Essences)

These are but a few of the many essences available that can provide emotional support during periods of transition in your life – there’s no right or wrong essence – experiment and see what calls to you!

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