Listen to a Live Interview on Flower Essences on My Radio Show

Interview with Sara Turner of the BFVEA

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If you like hot music and cool topics – join me on Radio RJR (, 98.3) on Wednesday 22nd June from 12 – 2 pm  when I will be interviewing Sara Turner, Chair of the British Flower and Vibrational Essences Association between 12pm – 2pm (London time – BST).

Music from Around the World and Good Conversation too!


Sara Turner, BFVEA Chair

In between a selection of tasty music from around the world – my musical tapas bar for your delight! – I’ll be chatting with Sara about the work of BFVEA and in particular the activities taking place during International Essence Awareness Week (18-25 June).

So turn on, tune in and let me lighten your mood and stimulate your mind!