Prickly Pear Essence – Prune those Emotional Thorns!

Prickly Pear Essence

“I gently protect the sweetness within.”

Prickly Pear Essence

Photo: S Balgobin


Latin Name: Opuntia ficus india

Link to Chakra:  Solar Plexus Chakra

Origin:  Mexico


Prickly Pear Energetic properties:

  1. Feeling trapped/cornered
  2. Boundary setting
  3. Gently, but firmly holding one’s ground
  4. Calms impatient/prickly manner

Indications for Use of Prickly Pear Essence:

Do you find yourself speaking impatiently to people – or perhaps you’re accused of speaking in a brusque manner?  That’s the moment to reach for Prickly Pear Essence – it helps us to defend our point of view and space, but gently!

This essence is about clipping our own thorns – when we are too prickly in our communication with others.

Prickly Pear Traditional Herbal Uses: 

Flowers of the prickly pear have been taken internally as medicine for male urinary discomforts by native American groups. Externally, mucilage from the leaves was used as an ointment. It is also beneficial to the digestive system. It is particularly useful in supporting digestion and maintaining blood sugar balance.  Pulp from the leaf is applied as a poultice to painful, swollen tarantula bites and is also used on the sore breasts of nursing mothers.

Do you need help to clip those emotional thorns?

Let Prickly Pear Essence help you!

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