Sail the 4 Cs for a Happy Relationship

Sail the 4 Cs for a Happy Relationship

Navigating between Islands

Having had three wonderful relationships in my life (and the latest my happiest EVER), I’ve learned a few things about what makes for a happy relationship with your special someone – and decided to share my secrets to a happy relationship with you!


It can take courage to admit you love someone – particularly if you find love with someone other than your partner!  Have the courage to admit to yourself – and the other person – what you feel, in an honest and caring manner.  It may hurt in the short run, but infidelity, quarrels and bitterness are certainly not the route to happiness!


If you can’t give (or get) 100% commitment – why are you in the relationship?  While there will be times that one partner or another is giving more than the other, you should never feel that they are not fully committed to maintaining the relationship – or that you aren’t!


The art of all relationships is in compromise – don’t try to dance every dance or have the last word!  You may be left alone and voiceless if you do!


safe harborYou should feel passionate about your relationship – and not just in bed!  Even after years spent together, you should develop com/passion for your partner’s weaknesses and failures – as you would hope they would have for yours.  And keep that passion alive with variety…in bed as well as out of it!  Compassion literally translates as with passion – so be passionate WITH your partner, and share the joy (and sorrows too!).  You’ll find that having compassion can (re)kindle passion for your partner and relationship.

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