Yellow Frangipani Essence – Get Rid of the “Monday Morning Blues”

Yellow Frangipani Essence

“I delight the eye and lighten the spirit.”


Yellow Frangipani Essence

Photo: S Balgobin

Latin Name: Plumeria rubra

Link to Chakra: Higher Crown Chakra

Energetic properties:

  1. Lightens emotional “heaviness”
  2. Spiritual growth

Indications for Use of Yellow Frangipani Essence:

Do you wake up thinking “Oh no, another day to get through!”??  Are you seeking inner growth and greater spirituality?

Yellow Frangipani Essence can help you through!

Origin:  Central America

Traditional herbal uses: Frangipani is known as the Tree of Life in India.  They are also used strung together as garlands (“leis”) in Hawaii.  Called “kisipi”, it is used in Uganda to treat Herpes zoster.

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