Yellow Trumpetbush Essence – For Unforgiving Moods

Yellow Trumpetbush Essence

“I am love and forgiveness expressed.”


Yellow Trumpetbush Essence

Photo: S Balgobin

Latin Name: Tecoma stans

Link to Chakra:  Throat Chakra

Energetic properties:

  1. Expressing oneself in a loving way
  2. Encourage  forgiveness
  3. Instil compassion

Indications for Use of YellowTrumpetbush:

Do you find yourself in an unforgiving mood?  Do you find it difficult to feel or express compassion for others?

Yellow Trumpetbush Essence can help you find the forgiveness hidden in your heart – and express it in a loving way to others.

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Origin: Central/South America

Traditional herbal uses:

Yellow Trumpetbush has been used in a variety of ways in herbal medicine.  Its primary applications have been in the treatment of diabetes and digestive problems.  Extracts from the leaves have been found to inhibit  the yeast infection Candida albicans.  It also appears to affect felines in a way similar to catnip.


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