Plant Minerals: Why are they Important?

Plant Minerals: Why are they Important?

During the month of November I have been focusing on nutrition, particularly with regard to plant minerals.

Sizzling Minerals for Scintillating Health

Linda Perry of Magick Minerals will join me for a live interview on my radio show on Wednesday, 23rd November – so do join us on Radio RJR between 12-2 PM (GMT) for hot world music and cool conversation on Sizzling Minerals and their impact on health.  To find out more – go to 98.3 or online at (via TuneIn).

Eating Rocks for Good Health?  Surely not!

What exactly are (metallic) mineral supplements? Well, in essence – they are ground up rocks! Sounds appetising, doesn’t it?  And the worst of it is, only about 20% of the metallic minerals we ingest are actually absorbed by our bodies!

On the other hand, plant-derived minerals – in which the plant has already digested the minerals in the soil for you – are much easier to digest and the absorption rate is 100%.

Find out more in this short video by Dr Eric Berg , author, trainer and member of the Endocrinology Society in the US, who specialises in weight loss through nutrition and natural methods.