Boost Your (Pro)Creativity with Flower Essences

Boost Your (Pro)Creativity with Flower Essences

Essences can be helpful in creating the emotional space needed in order to improve your chances of pregnancy.  It’s a natural way to prepare couples emotionally to welcome a new life into the family – and it can help ease the heartbreak of failed attempts.

IVF and Stroke Risk: the Connection

A recent study conducted in Canada appears to indicate that women who experience a failed IVF treatment (i.e. they didn’t become pregnant) were at greater risk of stroke than those who did get pregnant with IVF.

It could be argued that the stress caused by a failed treatment contributes to raised blood pressure, creating the conditions for a stroke.

Perhaps it’s time to explore a natural (and cheaper!) alternative….

Essences to Encourage Your (Pro)Creative Side

While I can’t claim that essences can encourage pregnancy – I can say that vibrational and flower essences can give emotional support in a couple’s efforts to have a baby. I can also share a little story with you: a family member and his wife were having trouble conceiving and I posted them a blend of my own Spirit of Makasutu Essences  to help the couple to deal with their frustration and disappointment.  Several months later, their daughter was conceived (that was 8 years ago!).  I can’t categorically say that the essences helped them to conceive, but I’d like to think they played their part!

Below is a gallery of essences (click on a photo for the slideshow) that could be used to assist with various emotional aspects couples can face when trying to conceive (yes, men can take essences too!) – but to find the right essences for your situation, a consultation with a essence therapist is essential; book a FREE MINI-CONSULTATION WITH ME BY CLICKING BELOW