Sadness is NOT a disease Pt 1

Sadness is NOT a disease

The other day I watched the documentary about Rio Ferdinand and how he is coping with being both mother and father to his young children, following the death of his wife from cancer.  Even my other half (a Man U fan) became interested in the subject – apart from Rio himself!  I found the interview fascinating and worrying at the same time.  In this 3-part series, we’ll examine natural ways to deal witih natural emotions.

Sadness is No Longer a “Normal” Human Emotion

Sadness – whether due to bereavement, the loss of a job or home, is NATURAL – when we are unhappy we feel sad. The current attempts by the American Psychiatric Association (and others) to medicalise sadness (which means lots of expensive drugs to sell to people) is essentially making a profit out of normal human emotions.  While some forms of prolonged and deep sadness (melancholia or clinical depression) may need to be addressed with appropriate medication, I suggest we look at the model of emotional and mental healing adopted in Cuba – where flower essences are used to address feelings of sadness and depression.

Essences for Low Moods

While I would never recommend contradicting someone’s GP or consultant regarding their medication – I would urge you to try natural, low cost essences to help improve your mood first, before resorting to drugs (which, in some cases, actually makes things worse!).  Below are some suggested essences you could try:

Flower Essence Use and Depression in Cuba

In Cuba, flower essence therapy is practiced by both doctors as well as flower essence practitioners — making it much more acceptable and widely available.  The Cuban Ministry of Public Health invested in research on the impact of essence therapy on mild to moderate depression — and what they found was amazing – except in the case of complicated diagnoses like schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, within a few months of starting essence therapy, people with mild-moderate depression came off their meds completely.  Not only were they drug free, but it cost PENNIES, as opposed to tricyclic anti-depressants.

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 Up Next….Crystals

In part 2 of the Sadness is NOT a disease series, we’ll turn our attention to crystals – beautiful to look at, beautiful for healing.