Sadness is NOT a disease pt 2

Sadness is NOT a disease pt 2

In this series, we are examining natural ways to deal with natural emotions – such as sadness.  In part two, we’ll turn our attention to crystals and how they can help both beautify your home as well as ease your emotions.

We are Crystalline Beings

While we are made of flesh, bone and blood – we are also crystalline beings.

What does that mean?

We have calcium in our bones, iron in our blood and use minerals (i.e. crystals) to construct a healthy body – and mind.  It would seem to logically follow that, if we have these minerals in our body, then minerals (in the form of crystals) should also be able to impact our health and moods – just think, lithium (in pill form) is given to people suffering with seesawing emotions; so why wouldn’t a lithium crystal not have the same impact (although less directly and more slowly)?

Crystals for the Crystalline Being in You

Below are some crystals you could use to help lift your mood:

Find Out What Crystals are Right for YOU

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