An Apple a Day (No Longer) Keeps the Doctor Away

An Apple a Day (No Longer) Keeps the Doctor Away

Golden Delicious Apples on Branches

This old saying is, unfortunately, no longer true – over the last 80 years, the amount of minerals found in a medium size apple has declined.


Nutrition:  The Forgotten Key to Health

“You are What You Eat” – so the saying goes and it’s quite true.  Nutrients from our food are broken down in order to fuel our cells so that they can carry out their many functions in our bodies.

Sadly, the role of nutrition in maintaining health is not fully understood (even by medical personnel) and the quality of the soil (i.e. de-mineralisation) means that even an organic diet no longer provides all the minerals the body requires for optimum health.

The South American Way: Nutrition in the Amazon

A recent study of a remote Amazon basin tribe deemed them as having the healthiest arteries ever studied.  The people, who live in the Bolivian Amazon, live on a diet which is low in saturated fat and high in non-processed foods – and, I would add, they don’t deplete the soil with over production and chemical fertilisers (which further deplete the mineral content of the soil).  They also only spend about 10% of the daytime inactive.
However, you don’t have to go to the Amazon to help your body obtain the nutrients you need– you can get it through your letterbox!

Sizzling Minerals – Give Your Body What it REALLY Needs

Sizzling Minerals are a brilliant way to give the cells of the body what they need for renewal and repair.  In the form of fizzy tabs in four flavours (cherry berry, orange, lemon-lime and plain), all you need is one a day to get the nutrients you need.

Sizzling Minerals have 75 Minerals which are 100% bio-available to the human body vs. only 20% (at best) for metallic minerals…and remember metallic minerals come from ROCKS…do you really want to EAT ROCKS to get the nutrition you need?

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