Is Your Killer Look Killing YOU?

Is Your Killer Look Killing YOU?


Your together look that you take such care with could actually be making you a true fashion victim!

Going Ouch of Style

The other day I read an article about some of the items that can cause you real problems, including:

Item Impact
Coats w/fluffy hoods Restricts vision, causing neck strain
Bag carried on elbow Heavy bags pull one shoulder lower than the other, causing shoulder and back pain
Skinny jeans Restrict movement and place extra pressure on hips and knees

Red and black stilettoOther hazards include slanted hems and backless shoes (changes stride), heavy jewellery (pressure on neck) and big sleeves, which push arms out at an odd angle.  The biggest culprit though, by far, are high heels, which put enormous pressure on the spine and can even thrust internal organs (such as the uterus) out of alignment.

Look Good AND Feel Good

There really is no need to be a fashion victim – spending time off work and going to doctors and physios – just change your style!

Remember, if you’re self-confident, whatever you wear IS the fashion!