Cool (& Natural) Ways to Stop Hot Flashes Pt 1

Cool (& Natural) Ways to Stop Hot Flashes Pt 1

Flower Petals and essential oil in bowlIn this 4-part series, Cool (& Natural) Ways to Stop Hot Flashes, we’ll look at ways you can help cool those hot flashes in an easy and drug-free way.

I recently read an article on the development of a drug at the Imperial College of London to relieve hot flashes, promising “life changing” help to millions of women.  While that is certainly good news for many long-suffering women, I have always believed in trying low cost and low tech methods FIRST, which will work with the body – rather than forcing it into submission!  I decided to share some tips that could be tried instead as a first resort, starting with aromatherapy.

Aromatherapy for Hot Flashes

Aromatherapy is an excellent and beautiful way to help improve women’s wellbeing and help provide relief for menopause symptoms.  Used in a burner, or in a massage blend, or even in a little roller bottle to use on the go, essential oils can not only soothe jangled nerves, but can literally re-wire the brain’s response to hot flashes and other symptoms.  Below are some suggested essential oils to help address various menopause syptoms:

Crystals and Menopause

In part 2 of the Cool (& Natural) Ways to Stop Hot Flashes, a look will be taken at healing crystals and how they can help reduce menopause symptoms – as well as adorn your home or person.

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