Cool (& Natural) Ways to Stop Hot Flashes Pt 2

Cool (& Natural) Ways to Stop Hot Flashes Pt 2

amethyst-clusterIn part 2 of my series Cool (& Natural) Ways to Stop Hot Flashes, we turn our attention to healing crystals, why they can impact our energy and how they can be used to cool the heat of menopause.

Crystals for Crystalline Beings

Humans are crystalline beings – we have all kinds of minerals (i.e. crystals) that impact every aspect of our lives.  We have calcium in our bones, iron in our blood;  lithium is used to balance our emotional reactions.  In short, crystals play a part in every aspect of our lives – wouldn’t it make sense that crystals could be used to help our bodies to repair itself?

Crystals are a wonderful and beautiful way to cool the heat generated by menopause, as well as beautifying your person and home.  Some of the ways you can use the crystals are:

  • Wearing the crystal or keeping it on your person
  • Taking an essence made from the crystal*
  • Having a crystal healing session*
  • Placing a crystal in your home

Crystals, like all things natural, may work more slowly than the more “sledgehammer” of drugs, but they DO work — and you can make your home or yourself more beautiful in the process (if you decide to wear your crystal(s))!

Crystals to Cool the Heat

Take a look at the crystals below and see if any of them “call” to you.  If you feel you need more help, just contact me for a FREE 15-MINUTE MINI-CONSULTATION for suggestions or to book a treatment.

Flowers to the Rescue

In part 3 of the Cool (& Natural) Ways to Stop Hot Flashes series, we will focus on flower and vibrational essences, which are sovereign when it comes to dealing with the emotional aspects of menopause.  You’ll learn how to turn the “fire” of (pro)creativity into a new, creative being.

*An experienced crystal healing therapist can help you with this