Cool (& Natural) Ways to Stop Hot Flashes Pt 3

Cool & Natural Ways to Stop Hot Flashes Pt 3


Photo: S Balgobin

In parts 1 and 2 of the series, a look was taken at how aromatherapy and crystals could be used to help ease the physical and emotional symptoms related to menopause.  In part three, we will now turn our attention to flower and vibrational essences (NOT aromatherapy – essences are not oils!)

Flowers (and nature) to the Rescue

You may or may not be familiar with flower and vibrational essences — or perhaps you’ve heard of (or even used) Rescue Remedy….but there’s literally a world of essences from around the globe to choose from.  In Brazil, essences are used in schools and even hospitals, while in Cuba they are issued on their national health service(!).  And while it confounds the scientists (“it’s only water with alcohol [or other preservative] in it — no value whatsoever, except for a placebo effect!”) – yet, that “nothing” impacts infants and animals (plants too!) — none of whom have any idea what placebos are!  I’ve seen teething infants go from screams to smiles in seconds with the use of a little Orange essence, and I’m sure Mum was grateful for the “nothing” that calmed her baby.

Wise Women’s Ways and Herbs

In the fourth and final part of the Cool (& Natural) Ways to Stop Hot Flashes a look will be taken at traditional herbs used by wise women for centuries for menopause.