Super Pollen Attack Series: Pt 2

Super Pollen Attack Series: Pt 2



In part 2 of my Super Pollen Attack series, we will take a look at aromatherapy oils that can be used to either reduce symptoms or strengthen the immune system so it’s less reactive to pollen and other allergens.  Before we turn our attention to oils, however, here’s a few more tips for you to try:

Pollen Busting Tricks

There are various things you can do to alleviate or eliminate hayfever symptoms that cost very little and are drug-free; here are a few suggestions:

  • Kiss somebody: Believe it or not, a Japanese study indicated that 30 minutes of legs-of-kissing-couplekissing reduces the body’s allergic reactions to pollen.  It sounds like a nice way to reduce your symptoms….providing you don’t sneeze all over your kissing partner while you do it!
  • Relax: Another study indicates that 71% of sufferers with the worst symptoms had higher than average stress levels, so it’s worth sitting or lying down for a while to relax.
  • Laugh:  Laughter truly is the best medicine – the American College of Cardiology found that 15 minutes of laughter could lessons symptoms by stimulating chemicals that block histamine production.

Your Nose Knows:  Aromatherapy Oils for Pollen Busting

Below are a few suggested essential oils to strengthen your immune system (BEFORE hayfever season begins) and to help reduce symptoms:

Part 3: Crystal Clear Healing

In the final part of my Super Pollen Attack series, healing crystals will be the focus.