Sweet Memories: Memory Series Pt 1

Sweet Memories….Where Did They Go?

A romatherapy burner with lit candle

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In this series, we will look at simple techniques and natural healing methods to help enhance memory and recall.  In part 1, aromatherapy will be the focus – learn how sweet smells can encourage a better memory.

When we’re young, our brains have more plasticity, i.e. neural pathways are still in development and we learn and remember things more easily.  As we age, however, it’s as if the brain has to “discard” memories (or at least bury them deeply!) to make room for newer memories.  Strangely enough, as we grow older our long-term memory seems to remain, while short term memory (e.g. “Did I eat breakfast?” “Did I turn off the cooker?”) fades.

While it appears that some memory loss is a function of age – it doesn’t HAVE to be!

Sharpen Up Your Recall

A study by researchers at Northumbria University found that students could improve their exam performance by using Rosemary essential oil – just like the ancient Greeks and Shakespeare pointed out!  Remember the phrase, “Rosemary is for remembrance”?  Rosemary is fabulous  for studying – but avoid it if you suffer with epilepsy or are subject to seizures.

Flower Petals and essential oil in bowlA few simple tips can help improve your ability to strengthen your memory, such as:

  • Review information just before going to sleep – as there are fewer “new” memories to interfere, you will remember it more easily the next day.
  • Say your ABCs – going through the alphabet  to identify the first letter of the word or name when you can’t remember something (e.g. the name of a actor)
  • Ditch the drink – While alcohol may help you to sleep, it also disturbs your rest by disrupting the natural stages of sleep – which in turns hampers memory and concentration.

Sweet Memories:  Aromatherapy for Memory Boosting

Below are some suggested essential oils for improving concentration and boosting your memory.

To be able to get the best results, a consultation with a qualfied aromatherapist (like me!) will make blends that are specifically for your individual situation!

Memory Series Part 2: Crystal Clear Memory

In part 2 of the Memory Series, we will turn our attention to the power of healing crystals to help boost memory.