No Pain, All Gain: Exercise without Injury

Stretch Your Body – Not Your Limits!

Whether you do yoga or run marathons, training in the RIGHT way is vital — what’s the use in making all that effort, to end up spending weeks or even months out of commission because you pushed yourself too hard — or in the wrong way?


woman-runningI know from my own experience that stretch is vital to staying injury free — despite being the oldest person in my martial arts class(!) I have never been seriously injured in 17 years of playing capoeira (Brazilian martial arts) – WHY?  I would arrive at least 20 minutes before class to stretch and warm my muscles before class — and would make sure I stretched gently again when I was done! (And I’m still the oldest person in my class!)

Common Sports Injuries – and How to Avoid Them

Below are a few tips to avoid injuries while engaging in various sports:

Sport Injury How to Avoid
Yoga Low back pain Build up to any yoga asana (movement) SLOWLY; use foam rollers to help with the mobility of your spine
Running Runner’s knee Poor running technique and week glutes are a factor – do squats and bridges (be careful!) to strengthen the muscles
Cycling Neck pain, stiff back Try using a foam roller to loosen your muscles before and after riding
Swimming Shoulder pain Overuse of certain muscles can cause inflammation – moderation is the key!
Weight training  Low Back Pain Poor technique or weights that are too heavy – don’t strain!
Aerobics Sprained ankle Inappropriate footwear is usually the culprit – always buy footwear in the evening (feet swell during the day) and make sure they fit properly to support your ankles
Tennis Tennis elbow This is a repetitive strain injury (RSI) – the only remedy is REST and possible massage