Feel Full, Look Good: Healthier Living Series Pt 1

Feeling Full and Looking Good

It doesn’t necesssarily follow that eating more calories make you feel full….you could actually say that eating more calories just makes you….well, fat – especially if you are not indulging in enough activity to burn off the additional calories!

Feeling more full doesn’t mean you have to starve yourself — or even deprive yourself of things you like!  A look at some of the items that may be in your food basket provides some ideas:

Dark Chocolate

pieces-dark-chocolateDark chocolate  between meals helped people eat up to 17 percent fewer calories at their next meal, according to a small study conducted bythe University of Copenhagen. I absolutely LOVE dark chocolate — because it’s good for asthma (yes, it’s true!), due to the active ingredient, theobroma (expectorant and soothing).  That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it!


An apple a day for a month, may no longer keep the doctor away (see my related post), but it may encourage you to eat less by increasing your “fullness hormones”, according to scientists at the Rowett Institute in Aberdeen.  Over a 28-day period, the pectin in the apples (which contain the hormones) helped reduce appetite and cut food intake.


porridge-with-blueberries-and-cut-muffinOats used in porridge are twice as filling as the same weight of oats in muesli – why? The soluble fibre in the oats combines with heat and liquid to create a paste-like texture – which will sit in your stomach for longer than refined breakfast cereal.  It really is food that “sticks to your ribs”!


mixed-nutsIn particular, pistachios and peanuts (monkey nuts) are great for staving off hunger, but all nuts and seeds are great for the protein and fibre they provide and therefore great hunger-beaters.  Getting them in the shell is even better, because that will slow you down even more!

Banana Smoothies

two-bananas-apple-and-smoothieWhen the volume of food or drink is increased, it helps fool the brain into thinking less is more, creating a sense of increased fullness.  A vigorously whisked smoothie made of a banana and milk (or milk substitute) not only creates a frothy drink, but it looks bigger too – a visual prompt that signals “more”.

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