Junk Food: Junk Body and Mind?

Junk Food:  Jinx on Body and Mind

bacon-burgerA recent study undertaken at the University of Queensland suggested that a diet rich in saturated fats and carbohydrates showed signs of osteoarthritis (the wearing over time of the cartilage between joints). The study, conducted on rats, also indicated that the junk food group were fatter and had liver problems.  The study seems to indicate that the diet may be contributing to the onset of osteoarthritis.  One might say that the heavier weight leads to stress on the joints, causing greater wear more quickly.

Yet another study at the Boston University School of Medicine, conducted over ten years, indicates that just one diet drink a day can triple the risk of a stroke and that people consuming the beverages are 2.9 times more likely to develop Alzheimer’s (my emphasis).

You Only Get Out What You’ve Put In

We truly ARE what we eat — and even an organic diet is no guarantee that you will be healthy these days: mineral depletion of the soil in the US currently stands at 87%, while in Europe the figure is 79% and there are similar figures all over the world.   It’s really quite simple – if it isn’t in the soil, it isn’t going to be in us, whether directly or via animals consuming plants in the soil.

Correcting the Imbalance


Even organic food isn’t enough for good nutrition

Good health, however, is not just about what is eaten; it’s also about the quality of what is eaten.  The de-mineralisation of soil is so serious, that even an organic diet is not sufficient to provide all the minerals that the body requires for cell growth and repair. But there are things you can do to correct the balance.

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