Walk Your Talk: Staying Fit on a Budget

Walking: An Underrated Activity

A ten-minute stroll from your desk to the local deli for lunch won’t burn off your lunch!  While the conventional wisdom, as published by Public Health England, stated that 5,000 steps a day is enough to keep you fit — that view is now being rejected; the “easier” option simply does not do enough to burn calories and keep us fit!

One woman reported that she stopped taking her medication for hypertension (high blood pressure) after she began walking 10,000 steps (approximately 5 miles or two hours of walking, depending on your stride).

The best part is — walking is FREE — you don’t need fancy equipment – or even a dog!  There are various walking or rambler groups around — if you don’t have a pet, join a club and make walking more fun!

Walking Benefits All Ages

The benefits of walking regularly aren’t just for the young – a study conducted by the University of East Anglia and Cambridge University found that pensioners with dogs were 20% more active and spent 30 minutes less per day just sitting idly.  The researchers found that dog owners did more exercise in winter than those managed on warm, sunny days!  The study indicated that the fitness levels of the dogwalkers were actually BETTER than those attending classes at the gym.

Walking is a also weight-bearing activity – which can help strengthen bones and make older walkers more sturdy on their feet.

Fuel for the Journey

Walking is a easy and simple way to get the exercise you need both to keep your weight at normal levels and to de-stress; but are you getting the necessary nutrients to give your body the tools it needs for optimum health?

Modern farming practices have left the soil so poor of minerals that even an organic diet is not sufficient to provide all of the essential and trace minerals or vitamins our bodies require.

If you’re unsure whether your diet is giving you what you need to benefit from your walks, click here and book a FREE 15-minute consultation

Isn’t it time you walked your talk?

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