And a Child Shall Lead Them: Christmas Giving

Children Leading by Example: A Christmas Tale

grandparent-with-gift-teddy-bearThese days there is so much negativity in the air – and I’m not just talking about the news! It’s Christmas – and if you’re not stressing out by what to get for whom, or which dress to buy, it’s the in-laws or the oven breaking down!

CHRISTMAS – the original meaning of it, I mean – has gotten LOST.

To give you an example – Japan, a predominantly non-Christian country – is one of the biggest Christmas shopping countries on the planet!  It is similar to a traditional gift giving festival and they love it!

But there is hope – a lovely bunch of children were featured in the newspaper recently (buried in the middle-to-back of the paper!) and they exhibited the true spirit of Christmas giving.

Shining Examples from (Sun)Shiny Little Faces

Here are just a few of the stories of these extraordinary children, the youngest of which is THREE YEARS OLD:

  • Nine year-old Alfie has raised more than £4,500 for his local cancer care centre, which cared for his great-grandfather – and is determined to make it £1,000,000 – amazing!  And I have no doubt whatsoever that he’ll do it too!
  • Or how about 7 year-old Evelyn who, along with her little sister of 3, makes up festive hampers for their local emergency service,  filled with homemade goodies.
  • And what about four year-old Lily, who has asked people to make donations of gifts for children in hospital during Christmas; as Lily herself had multiple surgeries due to a heart condition, she knew it wasn’t fun to be in hospital at any time, let alone at Christmas, and her reason for collecting and distributing the gifts is:

“…I thought this would be a good way to make everyone smile.”

So simple….so powerful!

The Kingdom of Heaven (on Earth) are Made of Such as These

With so much sad and unpleasant news about young people of today — you’d think someone would have printed news like this on page one instead of pages 34-35!

girl-hand-clasping-adult-handThis was a rare Christmas treat for me – and one that, in a world that at times seems completely hopeless at times (but I don’t buy into the negativity – where you go your energy flows!) – shows there is yet hope for the future of this world.

It has been said in the bible that the simple and honest faith of children is the stuff of the kingdom of heaven – and certainly these little angels are doing their best to create a bit of heaven for others right here on earth.

They should be celebrated — and serve as a model to us all!