Celebrating You: Be ALL the Women Inside You

Take Time to Step Back…and Celebrate!

Biker Chick

Photo: S Balgobin

Following on from previous posts on what I learned/remembered during a recent women’s retreat in Morocco, another lesson made itself apparent to me since my return; I needed to remember to celebrate myself!

These are a few of the photos I took during my day of self-celebration….I haven’t seen the final proofs yet, but if these are any indication….I’m going to be doing a lot of celebrating!


Photo: S Balgobin

My thanks to Viktoria Kuti for the amazing photos (some of which she let me take a peek!) and Sally Bracey for a makeover that blew me away (my Facebook profile photo has received an unbelievable number of compliments and comments!) – you ROCK ladies!

The video below describes why it is important that we love and celebrate ourselves:

Me….Being Me!

Serious Thinking

Photo: S Balgobin

It was wonderful stepping outside of the “normal” roles that I adopt in my life — and visit with some of the less visible aspects of myself — and I loved it!  I gave myself permission to be WHO I AM, without apology….and it has made all the difference!

I’ll be talking about the changes that continue to happen in my life since I took time to step back….in order to leap forward!