Working Your Last Nerve: Workplace Stress Series Part 2

The Essence(s) of Calm



In this second part of the Workplace Stress series, flower and vibratonal essences are examined for the different ways in which they can help reduce workplace stress.

Essences are a wonderful stress-busting aid as they do not interfere with any treatment or medication being received and can be used by everyone – children, adults, pets and even plants!

(I’m Getting Some) Good Vibrations

Essences – made from flowers, trees, animals, etc. – can be considered as “emotional tuning forks”. What does that mean?

woman-with-hands-on-head-and-covering-eyesIf you look at it from the point of quantum science (which is catching up to ancient wisdom!) – everything in the universe vibrates, meaning that we, too vibrate at a particular signal.  When the inner orchestra that makes up each one of us is playing smoothly, we call it health; if, however, one of the “instruments” in the orchestra goes “out of tune”, we show signs of what we call ill health.  In the case of essences, the instrument in question is our emotional state.

Essences are the energetic signature of the flower, tree, crystal, etc. they were made from; they carry a “true note” and issue a corrective signal that helps bring the out of tune emotion back into balance.

The “good vibrations” of the essences help the discordant emotion to get back on song.

Below are some suggested essences to help address some of the emotional issues you may experience in the workplace:

Stress Busting: Crystal Clear

In part 3 of the Workplace Stress series, we will turn our attention to healing crystals and examine their ability to impact our moods.