Working Your Last Nerve: Workplace Stress Series Part 1

Working Your Last Nerve:  Overwhelm at Work

woman-holding-paperworkIn today’s fast-moving world, where less is more (i.e. you get less money and work more hours for it), virtually everyone is feeling stressed in some way at work.

In this series we’ll take a look at some of the physical signs that indicate stress, and some simple and natural ways to reduce stress during your workday.

Outer Signs of Inner Pressure

New research indicates that as many as 4 people in 5 feel anxious every week – and while a little stress is actually necessary to live,  excessive stress is not only bad for our wellbeing but can cause physical symptoms as well, such as acne breakouts, neck pain and bloating.


Below are are few symptoms you should pay attention to – they could be signs that you are under extreme stress  (if after trying low tech remedies the symptoms persist, go see your doctor to be sure it is nothing serious):

Heartburn Eat little and often; Cut down on smoking, alcohol, spicy food; A glass of milk to reduce acid (before trying antacids)
Erratic Periods Add iron-based foods, e.g. broccoli and red meat; Try natural hair loss products
Insomnia Avoid caffeine or excess alcohol; List your worries before bed – then tell yourself that this is for tomorrow’s agenda; Exercise during the day
Headache Meditation or yoga; Warm baths; Cool cloth on forehead
Digestive Problems Never eat when upset or angry; Avoid laxatives if constipated as they can cause dehydration
Skin Problems Keep your face clean and exfoliate regularly; Drink plenty of water; Avoid touching your face

The Essence(s) of Calm

In part 2 of the Workplace Stress series, a look will be taken at flower and vibrational essences, which are excellent for addressing emotional issues and providing support.