Colour Your World…and Your Mood!

Change Your Colour(s) and Your World

Colours are amazing things — they not only enhance the beauty of the world, but can actually have an impact on our moods and our reactions to others.

See that Lady with the Red Dress On…..?

Did you know that some blind people are so sensitive to the various vibrations of different colours that they can tell them apart? 

It makes me think twice about a story I read in Ray Charles’ autobiography; his song “What I Say” has a line that goes, “See that lady with the red dress on….” and his band members asked how on earth could he tell the woman in question wore a red dress….Ray Charles simply asked, “well DID she have a red dress on?”  The band members agreed, and shook their heads, not understanding how a blind man was actually able to tell what someone was wearing!

Perhaps he felt the vibration of the colour red – we’ll never know, but it’s an intriguing thought!

Colour Your World, Colour Your Life

The short video below explains how to bring more colour into your life, brightening your surroundings and your mood!

Colour Your World…and Your Mood

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