Spice Up Your Health: Treasure in Your Kitchen Cupboard

Good Health is at Hand…In Your Kitchen

turmeric-on-wooden-spoon-and-in-jarIt was Hippocrates – considered the father of modern medicine – who said,

“let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food”

More and more, research on nutrition validate this ancient truth – that we are what we eat, and good health begins at the end of our forks.

The “Hot” Ticket to Good Health: Turmeric


Turmeric in flower

Every day we’re told about some new miracle or power food that we must have for good health, with all kinds of claims made as to their effectiveness.

One of these new “super foods” is actually one that has been used for health enhancing properties for millenia in India as part of Ayurvedic medicine – turmeric.  Even today, newborn babies are annointed with turmeric as a way of keeping them healthy and strong.

Turmeric, or curcuma longa in Latin, is made from the woody roots, or rhizomes of the plant, which has a pretty spiky flower – but she’s not just a pretty face!


Fresh turmeric rhizome

Turmeric isn’t just about giving greater colour, depth and subtle aroma to your curry, delicious though it is; it has a proven track record for a number of health benefits, including:

  • Anti-tumoral properties:  I can attest to this; I have used Turmeric essential oil with cancer patients over the years as a good way to support their immune systems with aromatherapy;
  • Improves memory: it may be helpful improve the memories of people in the early stages of diabetes; recent research even suggests that it may help Alzheimer’s patients by arresting the aging of brain cells.
  • Anti-aging properties:  Studies indicate that turmeric helps with premature aging by encouraging the regeneration of the skin.
  • Reduce cholesterol: With so many people on statins these days, why not practice a little preventative medicine and keep your cholesterol low naturally?

Thse are just some of the amazing benefits of that spice sitting on your shelf – isn’t it about time you got to know turmeric a bit better?

Turmeric on the Go

Simply_CurcuminFor those that are not inclined to cooking or perhaps dislike curries — there’s still a way to incorporate turmeric into your diet — simply and naturally.  There are many products on the market, all touting the benefits of turmeric; however, it’s important to know the exact source of anything you buy, particularly if you’re going to be ingesting it.

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