Working Your Last Nerve: Workplace Stress Series Part 3

Rockin’ Your World:  Crystals and Stress Management

In this third and final part of the Workplace Stress series, a look is being taken at the role of crystals play in maintaining our health and wellbeing.


Amethyst cluster

Crystals have been used for thousands of years for both ornamentation and healing; worn or even ground up for medicinal purposes, various stones were credited with various properties that could impact our health and moods.

We are still calling on the properties of crystals and stones today, though many people may not realise it:  we take magnesium for upset stomachs, doctors use lithium to control  bipolar disorder, we take calcium supplements for our bones — all of them minerals — so we are, quite literally, rocking our world!

Crystal(s) Clear and Calm


Desert Rose Selenite

Workplace stress has become more and more prevalent as tight budgets and political uncertainty make people even more fearful for their jobs and future.  The emotional weight of worrying about finances and a lack of job security is causing some people to crack under the pressure.

While crystals don’t always work swiftly (depending on the user and circumstances, as well as the crystal itself), they work naturally and in harmony with the body.  Crystals emit their energy gently for the most part; it is therefore recommended that they be worn/held on the body if at all possible, or if too fragile, placed where it can be viewed regularly.  Below are some suggested crystals that can help with reducing some of the stressful feelings experienced in the workplace:

Get Crystal Clear at Work

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