Taking (Your) Chances

Taking a Chance..To Live Your Dream

Over the last several months – in fact since I went on a retreat to Morocco last November – I have learned to trust myself even more and take chances when they come along to make my dreams come true.

When You’re Clear….You Can See the Doors

four-people-with-joined-handsAs a result of a correction of my own thinking – and clarifying of my goals – doors that I didn’t even know were closed to me have opened.  The universe truly will give you what you desire providing that it is: 1) right for you and 2) you are clear what you choose to manifest.  If you’re muddled, how can the universe be clear about what to give you?

Why Taking a Chance is Vital

Taking a chance means that you need to know yourself and what truly makes your heart sing….and being observant when the universe presents opportunities that will lead you to your heart’s desire.

In the short video below I share some thoughts as to why taking chances in life are vital; I also share some news that resulted from my taking a chance when an opportunity came along!

Why its important to take your chances when they appear

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