Being Bendy: Avoiding Life’s Curve Balls

Flexibility is Key to Avoiding Life’s Curve Balls

beach-with-leaning-palm-treeIt took a series of little glitches for me to be forcibly reminded that life doesn’t always run smoothly – whether on a personal or professional level.

I also remembered that life, for me, is like a dance – and a good dancer is always flexible enough to adjust to any partner or any music! (and I pride myself on being a VERY good dancer).

Be Like the Willow (or Palm), Rather than the Oak

To use the analogy of trees, when storms come, it would be far less damaging to be like a willow or palm tree, which bend with wind, thus offering less resistance, than to be like the might oak, which, if the wind is strong enough, will just snap in two.

weeping-willow-treeWhen unexpected events occur, they will of course upset our routines and turn our lives upside down — sometimes in quite dramatic ways.  However, developing a more flexible attitude towards life in general means that we can ride out the ups and downs….instead of being drowned, we ride the wave.


When You Get Lemons….Make Lemonade!

I have come to understand, over many years of struggling with change and disappointment is that everything that happens is a blessing…and a lesson!

Quite often the glitches turn out to be an opportunity – whether to gain an insight into a situation or to move in a new (and hopefully more beneficial) direction.

virginia-live-oakI know this has been true for me — 8 years ago I nearly dropped out of my psychotherapy course – at the end! – because I felt I had wasted my energy and time.  But someone I’m convinced was an angel (I never saw him again after this incident) directed me to a group that supported Black African and Asian counsellors and psychotherapists.  That suggestion led me to create The Each One Teach One Mentoring Programme, which I administer and 8 years later, is going from strength to strength!

I could have remained bitter and angry, but decided to use that energy to create something that would last and would prevent other people from experiencing what I did during my course.  I decided to bend, instead of break!