Financial (Dis)stress: Are You Sitting on a Gold Mine?

Financial Distress:  What to DO?

financial planningFinancial (dis)stress is the number one reason for relationships breaking up – and we are often so paralysed by fear of the consequences of difficulties that we become tunnel-visioned and unable to see a way forward….or see ways forward that are, in the long run, not beneficial at all and leave us even worse off!

But did you realise you might be sitting on a gold mine?

What Can I DO to Help Solve the Problem?

If we manage to step back from our financial situations and apply a bit more objectivity, we may actually find ways of improving our financial situation, some of which may turn out to be quite lucrative.

bulletin-boardFor example,  I love reading and do a lot of it in various languages; as the result of one book I translated (as a favour, for free) I was asked to translate to other books — for which I WAS paid.  A hobby turned into a side business — it’s time intensive, but I love it…and it makes me a bit of extra money!

In the video below, I talk about some of the possibilities of  creating additional income for yourself, which may provide some inspiration.


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