Flower Power: Flower Essence Therapy in Brazil

The Real Flower Power:  Vibrational Medicine and Health

bach-flower-remediesI spent a wonderful weekend in Nottingham recently, where I was on a weekend course taught by my good friend and colleague, Rosana Souto.  Rosana is a passionate teacher and flower essence practitioner and she had a great deal of new information to share on flower essence therapy in Brazil, which is now being allowed for use in the health and education systems.

Government Recognises the Benefit of Flower Essence Therapy (Floriterapia)

In the video below, Rosana reports on the latest exciting development in government regulations regarding the use of flower essence therapy in Brazil.

Rosana Souto: Flower Essence Therapy in Brazil

Interview with Rosana Souto: Flower Essence Therapy in Brazil

Publié par Sheila Balgobin sur dimanche 18 mars 2018