This is Your Life: Create a Good One

Fantasy is Reality…..?

polynesian-island-and-outrigger-boatThere was a song by Parliament/Funkadelic (showing my age now!) which had the words, “fantasy is reality in the world today,” and when I look at what is called “reality TV”  and “fake news” these days, those words were never more true!

But there is truth in the words, even as they imply absurdity to the nth degree!

What You Can Conceive, You Can Achieve (or Create)

alypse-with-huge-yellow-eyesWe truly do create the world we see around us….but are we creating the best and highest vision of the world?

We all really do live on a permanent Fantasy Island, where we create all kinds of fantasies — some of which are real, others not.  As creative beings, we can’t help but create, but it’s our uncontrolled thoughts, fears and prejudices that create the very things we dread!

As every successful person will tell you – from Ophrah Winfrey to Sir Richard Branson – MINDSET IS EVERYTHING.

In the short video below, I look at the nature of what we call reality….and how we create it.