You Don’t Always Get What You Want but Always Get What You Need

What You Want….Isn’t Necessarily What You Need!

All to often we fixate on that “must have” dress, job, partner, etc.  But have you ever considered that you are perfectly placed where you are right now?

Life is about growth and becoming the wonderful beings each of us is meant to be – and growth means that we need to be challenged in various ways in order for us to decide who we choose to be.

I Didn’t Know I Needed It….Until I Needed It!

An example of how you get what you need (even when you’re not looking for it) I’ll share a little story of mine; I’ve been attending a number of trainings for small business owners at South Bank University and on one occasion a young woman realised she was in the wrong workshop!  With great aplomb, she distributed cards which advertised a new ap she had created called MentalSnapp*, which helps people manage their mental health online.

Now at the time, I only kept the card, finding the idea an interesting one and could help scrabble-tiles-spelling-visionmany people; it’s only NOW that I realise that this is a resource I can use for the mental health series I’m planning for an online show I hope to host!  I didn’t know it at the time, but I got exactly the kind of information I needed to move this particular project forward.

What You Need is What You Get

In this short FB live video, I look at the subject of getting what you need….when you need it — although what happens isn’t always what you expect!  However, in retrospect we often recognise (perhaps grudgingly!) that what we ended up with was actually what we needed to move forward in our lives.

You Will Always Get What You Need Rather than What You Want

While we may want certain things to happen in our lives, we usually get what we need, rather than what we want

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