Colour Your World, Change Your Mood!

Colour Your Moods

The impact of colour is so important that it not only helps us to navigate through our lives, it can also help change and enhance our moods.  Think of the delight of the Holi colour festival in India; it’s literally an explosion of colour that makes people dance with joy.

Did you know that colour and light are so intertwined, that even blind people can sense the difference in colours?  Some more sensitive blind people can actually “feel” the vibrations of different colours!

Colour as a Mood (and Game) Changer

What colour(s) make you feel….

  • Confident
  • Sexy
  • PowerfulWatercolour-shades-of-blue

What suit, blouse or scarf gets you the most compliments and makes you feel you’re on top of the world?  Chances are, they are the colours that bring out the best in you!

I recently attended a colour consultation with a good friend, and my fellow WHYse woman, Harry Purewal.  What I learned about colour – and myself – was quite enlightening.  The video below talks about the experience and it’s impact on me.