Curcurmin….It’s Not Just for Curries!

We Know, but Forgotten We Know It!

Sometimes we need to be reminded that we already know the answers to some of our most pressing questions….

turmeric-on-wooden-spoon-and-in-jarI had long known (and used!) the properties of curcumin (the active ingredient in turmeric) for years as a therapist – I used turmeric essential oil in aromatherapy treatments with cancer patients for additional immune support and for its’ anti-tumoral properties.  I was also aware of its use in traditional Indian medicine or Ayurveda.  I also love using it when I make curries!

I had forgotten, however, another property of curcumin – that of having anti-inflammatory properties.

A lapse of memory that cost me years of unnecessary pain and discomfort…..

Having the Answer Before Knowing the Question

I had recently attended a roadshow for Simply Naturals and had been given a goody bag with various products, old and new, including Simply Curcumin, to give as samples to people.  I kept the samples, slowly giving them away as the days went by.  But for whatever reason, I held on to the curcumin; it was as if something inside me knew I had to hang on to it…

Simply CurcuminHaving found  no one to give it to, I decided to try it for myself – as I never recommend something to anyone I haven’t actually used myself, it was a good time to try Simply Curcumin for myself and see what happened.

I took the capsules as directed….and after about two weeks, I noticed something – the nagging on/off again pain from an old Achilles tendon injury was gone completely (and has not returned).  I only noticed because it was a damp, chilly day and I felt no discomfort!  The only thing I had done that was different from my usual routine was to take the curcumin capsules, so it was pretty safe to assume that it was the difference.

Then the penny dropped – and I realised that I had been literally looking at the solution to a years’ old problem for a while!  Sometimes, we just need to be reminded that we really do have the solutions to the challenges that we face, if only we take the time to think things through.

And so I’m sharing my (re-)discovery with you – for arthritic pain and inflammation, Simply Curcumin works beautifully.

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