Music: Food for the Soul, Healing for the Mind

Music: A Sweet Path to Healing

Music doesn’t only have “charms to soothe the savage breast” as the saying goes – it also has the power to heal.

Recent studies carried out at Utah University appear to indicate that music can help dementia patients – helping to relieve anxiety, depression and agitation.  More importantly, they work on the part of the brain NOT affected by Alzheimer’s.  A team is now being put together in the US to develop music therapies to address symptoms.

As Jace King, from Utah University said, “When person_locked_in_bottleyou put headphones on dementia patients and play familiar music, they come alive.”

I saw evidence of this myself at the Forget Me Not Ball I recently attended in Liverpool – the organiser’s mother lives with dementia and she just glowed with joy and memories when she heard Glen Miller playing!

Childhood Epilepsy: The Mozart Effect

There is also evidence that a certain piece of music by Mozart (whose music is already famed with helping to create geniuses!) may actually help children with epilepsy.

medication_with_daily_pill_dispenserAccording to researchers at Edinburgh University, Mozart’s Sonata for Two Pianos in D greatly reduced the frequency of epileptic activity in the brain.  This effect did not occur with any other music, including favourite children’s songs, such as Teletubbies’ tunes!


Isn’t it worth listening to a little music and perhaps do away with the need for medication?

Below is a talk given by Dr Audun Myskja of Norway, who has written books about his work with elderly patients – using music and flower essences as an essential part of their treatment (and with some success too!).  His books are used to train nurses in norwegian hospitals, so valuable is his insight into dementia and natural healing.