Dream Your Life/Live Your Dream


Dream Your Life…The Key to Your Future!

From ancient times dreams have been recognised as putting us in touch with the wider universe – both without and within ourselves.  Empires and battles have been won or lost because of the belief in the power of dreams.Dreams come from the deepest part of ourselves – the part that is connected to what is called the “collective unconscious” or “universal mind” that exists in all of us.

We simply cannot process all of the billions of messages we receive from everything and everyone around us – our conscious minds cannot multi-task to that extent!  However, the unconscious mind can perceive all that is happening….and store the information, in case you may have need of it.

Living Your Dream(s)

If you think dreams are just a result of a dodgy dinner, you could be right!

However, if you look at your dreams as a way of the wider world helping you to focus on on the matters that are most beneficial to you (or conversely, avoid those things, people and places that are not good for you!), you’re missing out on a great opportunity to actually live the life that is best suited for who you are!

But I Don’t/Can’t Remember My Dreams

This short video will provide some useful information about a simple system that helps you to harness the power of your dreams.

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This is Your Life: Create a Good One

Fantasy is Reality…..?

polynesian-island-and-outrigger-boatThere was a song by Parliament/Funkadelic (showing my age now!) which had the words, “fantasy is reality in the world today,” and when I look at what is called “reality TV”  and “fake news” these days, those words were never more true!

But there is truth in the words, even as they imply absurdity to the nth degree!

What You Can Conceive, You Can Achieve (or Create)

alypse-with-huge-yellow-eyesWe truly do create the world we see around us….but are we creating the best and highest vision of the world?

We all really do live on a permanent Fantasy Island, where we create all kinds of fantasies — some of which are real, others not.  As creative beings, we can’t help but create, but it’s our uncontrolled thoughts, fears and prejudices that create the very things we dread!

As every successful person will tell you – from Ophrah Winfrey to Sir Richard Branson – MINDSET IS EVERYTHING.

In the short video below, I look at the nature of what we call reality….and how we create it.

Financial (Dis)stress: Are You Sitting on a Gold Mine?

Financial Distress:  What to DO?

financial planningFinancial (dis)stress is the number one reason for relationships breaking up – and we are often so paralysed by fear of the consequences of difficulties that we become tunnel-visioned and unable to see a way forward….or see ways forward that are, in the long run, not beneficial at all and leave us even worse off!

But did you realise you might be sitting on a gold mine?

What Can I DO to Help Solve the Problem?

If we manage to step back from our financial situations and apply a bit more objectivity, we may actually find ways of improving our financial situation, some of which may turn out to be quite lucrative.

bulletin-boardFor example,  I love reading and do a lot of it in various languages; as the result of one book I translated (as a favour, for free) I was asked to translate to other books — for which I WAS paid.  A hobby turned into a side business — it’s time intensive, but I love it…and it makes me a bit of extra money!

In the video below, I talk about some of the possibilities of  creating additional income for yourself, which may provide some inspiration.


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You Don’t Always Get What You Want but Always Get What You Need

What You Want….Isn’t Necessarily What You Need!

All to often we fixate on that “must have” dress, job, partner, etc.  But have you ever considered that you are perfectly placed where you are right now?

Life is about growth and becoming the wonderful beings each of us is meant to be – and growth means that we need to be challenged in various ways in order for us to decide who we choose to be.

I Didn’t Know I Needed It….Until I Needed It!

An example of how you get what you need (even when you’re not looking for it) I’ll share a little story of mine; I’ve been attending a number of trainings for small business owners at South Bank University and on one occasion a young woman realised she was in the wrong workshop!  With great aplomb, she distributed cards which advertised a new ap she had created called MentalSnapp*, which helps people manage their mental health online.

Now at the time, I only kept the card, finding the idea an interesting one and could help scrabble-tiles-spelling-visionmany people; it’s only NOW that I realise that this is a resource I can use for the mental health series I’m planning for an online show I hope to host!  I didn’t know it at the time, but I got exactly the kind of information I needed to move this particular project forward.

What You Need is What You Get

In this short FB live video, I look at the subject of getting what you need….when you need it — although what happens isn’t always what you expect!  However, in retrospect we often recognise (perhaps grudgingly!) that what we ended up with was actually what we needed to move forward in our lives.

You Will Always Get What You Need Rather than What You Want

While we may want certain things to happen in our lives, we usually get what we need, rather than what we want

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Additional information:

*Click the link to learn more about MentalSnapp

Flower Power: Flower Essence Therapy in Brazil

The Real Flower Power:  Vibrational Medicine and Health

bach-flower-remediesI spent a wonderful weekend in Nottingham recently, where I was on a weekend course taught by my good friend and colleague, Rosana Souto.  Rosana is a passionate teacher and flower essence practitioner and she had a great deal of new information to share on flower essence therapy in Brazil, which is now being allowed for use in the health and education systems.

Government Recognises the Benefit of Flower Essence Therapy (Floriterapia)

In the video below, Rosana reports on the latest exciting development in government regulations regarding the use of flower essence therapy in Brazil.

Rosana Souto: Flower Essence Therapy in Brazil

Interview with Rosana Souto: Flower Essence Therapy in Brazil

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Women Entrepreneurs: Use the Power in Your Purse

A New Initiative for Womenpreneurs has Arrived

purse-with-coins-spilling-outMiranda Christopher, a colleague and friend I made while on retreat last year, has developed a new initiative: born on the 100th anniversary of the granting of the right to vote to women in the United Kingdom, she is spearheading an initiative called #powerinyourpurse.

What Exactly  is #powerinyourpurse?

This initiative literally puts the money of women entrepreneurs where their mouths are – if women wish to see parity in pay in the workplace, they should use their purchasing power to BE the change they wish to see!  The video below is an interview I did with Miranda, the founder of the Minerva Directory.  Find out how you womenpreneurs can use the #powerinyourpurse!

For more information

To find out more or to participate in the initiative go to: #powerinyourpurse on Facebook.