A Fragrant Farewell: An Aromatherapy Case Study

Aromatherapy: Not Just “Nice Smells”

Aromatherapy is not just about “nice smells” and relaxing in the tub — though both are nice!  Aromatherapy is recognised around the world as a means to support health and wellbeing – from Lavender essential oil pumped through Japanese hospitals for pain relief to oils … (More)

Sadness is NOT a Disease Pt 3

 Sadness is NOT a disease pt 3

In this final entry in my Sadness is NOT a Disease series, we look at the role of Aromatherapy and how essential oils can help improve your mood and reduce stress.

Smells Good….Feels Good

It is a well-established fact that aromatherapy impacts … (More)

Valentine’s Day the Natural Way

Valentine’s Day the Natural Way

Valentine’s Day – when thoughts of love and romance occupy people’s thoughts, while the day empties their pockets.  There is more than chocolates (fattening) and flowers (prohibitively expensive) available to celebrate Valentine’s Day!

There is another way – the natural (low-cost) way!

Spice Up Your


SPORTS SERIES PART 1: Aromatherapy for the Complete Athlete

Woman receiving back massage

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In this two-part series on sports, part 1 will look at the relationship between sports and aromatherapy and how you can use essential oils to enhance your exercise or sports routine.

Aromatherapy:  It’s not Just for Sore Muscles!

aromatherapy burner and candle

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Aromatherapy is useful for all … (More)