Help Support The Each One Teach One (EOTO) Mentoring Programme

Each One Teach Ome (EOTO) Mentoring Programme

I hope you’ll support this worthwhile programme,which I started seven years ago, which provides support for Black and Asian psychotherapy and counselling students.

The EOTO Programme Explained

In this short video, find out a bit more about EOTO and how it works:



Join Me for a Live Radio Interview on 20 July

Interview with the Founder of BAATN

Photo: Digitalart,

Photo: Digitalart,


On Wednesday 20th July 2016 between  12-2 pm (BST) I will be interviewing Eugene Ellis, Founder of the Black and Asian Therapists Network (BAATN), which supports psychotherapists and counsellors, both students and qualified, on Radio RJR London (

StressBusting 101 – Quick Relief from Daily Pressure

Family Fighting

Feeling the pressure – at work, home or elsewhere?? Looking for easy and effective ways to cope?

You need to book one of my StressBusting 101 sessions!

During your StressBusting 101 session you will learn:

  • to identify simple ways to reduce stress
  • a stress busting exercise you can do anywhere,

A Soul Blossoms: Essences and Counselling Series Part 2

A Soul Blossoms: Essences and Counselling Series Part 2

In Part two of A Soul Blossoms in the Essences and Counselling Series,  three brief case studies[i] will be shared to show how I use essential oils, flower essences,  dreamwork and other methods as adjuncts to treatment.

Case Study 1


A Soul Blossoms: Essences and Counselling Series Part 1

A Soul Blossoms – with Help


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Take a moment and imagine yourself as a plant or flower, stretching towards the sunlight; the most important elements needed for healthy growth are light, water and soil.  Without the proper mix of these components, you can neither grow, flower … (More)