Fill the Gap: Intergenerational Relationships

The (Re)Generation Game

three-generations-of-malesAt a time when there is so much negative (and fake) news around, it was a pleasure to read a story that focuses on positive relationships – and what happens when you put pensioners and four year olds together for six weeks.

In an unusual experiment,  a … (More)

Good Brain Health: Nutrition is the Key

The Key to Good Brain Health: Are You Eating Well Enough?

Good brain health is not an accident — it is a choice.  Genetics and disease aside, what we eat can make a real difference in our brain health!
Did you realise that:
Brain health, cognitive function and memory … (More)

The Family that Stays Together….Stays Well

The Family that Stays Together…Stays Well

Dthree-generations-of-menespite the growing number of older people in society – around the world – it struck me that how we treat our elders may directly impact upon their health.


Family Ties that Bind – and Keep Us Healthy

A recent study conducted … (More)