Boost Your (Pro)Creativity with Flower Essences

Boost Your (Pro)Creativity with Flower Essences

Essences can be helpful in creating the emotional space needed in order to improve your chances of pregnancy.  It’s a natural way to prepare couples emotionally to welcome a new life into the family – and it can help ease the heartbreak of failed … (More)

Sadness is NOT a disease Pt 1

Sadness is NOT a disease

The other day I watched the documentary about Rio Ferdinand and how he is coping with being both mother and father to his young children, following the death of his wife from cancer.  Even my other half (a Man U fan) became interested in the … (More)

Daring to Dream: Flower Essences and Self Confidence

Daring to Dream: Flower Essences and Self Confidence

Yellow Hibiscus Essence

Photo: S Balgobin

On Interntional Women’s Day (8 March) I was struck by two articles I read – one which suggested that women should be encouraged to play team sports to help them be more competitive in later life; the other article … (More)

Clear Your Clutter…and Your Mind Pt 1

Clear Your Clutter…and Your Mind Pt 1


Orange Oleander – Photo: S Balgobin

“A clean desk is a sign of a sick mind” – so the saying goes, but I would suggest that the opposite is actually true — a clean desk can actually be indicative of a healthy outlook … (More)

Good Vibrations: Flower Essences and Emotional Health Pt 2

Good Vibrations for New Beginnings

In part 1 of the Good Vibrations Series, we looked at essences and how they can positively impact heavier and difficult emotions; in part 2, we will turn our attention to essences which will help foster positive inner growth.

New Attitudes….Drop by Drop

While it … (More)