Bright Lights, Late Nights: The Breast Cancer Link

Tripping (over) the Light Fantastic?

If you are a woman who spends a lot of time indoors – and in winter the tendency is even greater – and you’re a smoker, there is evidence which suggests that the risk of breast increases.  According to US researchers, who followed some 110,000 … (More)

Food as Medicine: You Really ARE What You Eat!

Eat to Live, Not Just to Fill Your Stomach

Families rarely sit down together to eat any more — everyone is too busy!  We eat on the run or not at all — and then expect to maintain their weight and stay healthy!  It’s not only important that we eat … (More)

Junk Food: Junk Body and Mind?

Junk Food:  Jinx on Body and Mind

bacon-burgerA recent study undertaken at the University of Queensland suggested that a diet rich in saturated fats and carbohydrates showed signs of osteoarthritis (the wearing over time of the cartilage between joints). The study, conducted on rats, also indicated that the junk food (More)

Doing it Like Mom and Dad*

Doing it Like Mom and Dad: Is that Such a Bad Thing?

Today everyone is in such a rush to be the first, to try the new and spurn the old ways – that sometimes we end up throwing the baby out with the bath water!

Sometimes, doing things like … (More)

Plant Minerals: Why are they Important?

Plant Minerals: Why are they Important?

During the month of November I have been focusing on nutrition, particularly with regard to plant minerals.

Sizzling Minerals for Scintillating Health

Linda Perry of Magick Minerals will join me for a live interview on my radio show on Wednesday, 23rd November – so … (More)