Be Here, Be NOW

Who (or What) are We Listening To?

burned-out-woman-multitaskingThere’s so much to distract our attention these days – we live in what is called the Information Age — I would suggest that it should be more accurately described as the too much information age!

From the constant pinging of mobile phones … (More)

Communication: More than Just Words!

The Lost Art of Conversation

With so much technology these days, the art of face to face communication is becoming increasingly lost – to the point where young people are actually afraid of direct communication, i.e. going to a job interview is a terrifying prospect!  We’ve become so used to … (More)

Sail the 4 Cs for a Happy Relationship

Sail the 4 Cs for a Happy Relationship

Navigating between Islands

Having had three wonderful relationships in my life (and the latest my happiest EVER), I’ve learned a few things about what makes for a happy relationship with your special someone – and decided to share my secrets to a happy relationship with … (More)