Eating for Two: Vitamins and Minerals for Optimum Health

Vitamins and Minerals for Healthy Babies

Papaya tree with green fruit

Papaya tree with green fruit

While it has been known for years that folic acid is a necessary supplement to support proper development of the foetus during pregnancy – but did you know that our bodies are unable to benefit fully from the supplement?… (More)

Sex: The Best Cure-all Ever?

Laughter is Good for You…But Sex is Even Better!


According to researchers, laughter may very well be the best medicine – but sex is even better (and more fun!).  The famed “afterglow” can last up to 48 hours – even if you only spent a few minutes making love!… (More)

Awaken the Goddess Festival: A Sizzling Interview

Awaken the Goddess Festival: A Sizzling Interview

I’ll be at the Awaken the Goddess Festival on 22nd July talking about Sizzling Minerals.

To give you a flavour of what will be on offer for the day, have a listen to my interview with the organiser of the festival, Sameena Ali.… (More)

Fuel for Life: Minerals and Women’s Health

Fuel for Life:  Minerals and Women’s Health

We all know that minerals and vitamins are essential to health – for health growth and repair of the body’s cells.  They regulate functions such as nerve transmission, blood clotting and oxygen transport.  Even more important, they actually provide the structure of our … (More)

An Apple a Day (No Longer) Keeps the Doctor Away

An Apple a Day (No Longer) Keeps the Doctor Away

Golden Delicious Apples on Branches

This old saying is, unfortunately, no longer true – over the last 80 years, the amount of minerals found in a medium size apple has declined.


Nutrition:  The Forgotten Key to Health

“You are What You Eat” – so … (More)