Step Back to Leap Forward: The Importance of Time Out

Draw Back….In Order to Leap Ahead!

A recent – unexpected but much  needed! – break in Marrakech reminded me of the importance of taking time out… or as they say in French, “reculer pour mieux sauter” – to fall back in order to make a better leap ahead.

I was … (More)

Boost Your (Pro)Creativity with Flower Essences

Boost Your (Pro)Creativity with Flower Essences

Essences can be helpful in creating the emotional space needed in order to improve your chances of pregnancy.  It’s a natural way to prepare couples emotionally to welcome a new life into the family – and it can help ease the heartbreak of failed … (More)

Take a Plane and NOT the Strain! Travel Series Part 3

(Un)Winding Yourself Up and Arrive with a Smile

truck on highwayIn the final part of my Travel Series, we’ll be looking at ways you can keep yourself calm when travelling or while on holiday.

While we cannot always control the circumstances of our travel – however much we may wish to! – … (More)

Take a Plane and NOT the Strain! Travel Series Part 1

Take a Plane (or train or car) and NOT the Strain!

Having recently returned from a trip to the States to see my family, it occurred to me tairplanecabinwith passengershat people need to reduce their stress levels, even when going on holiday!  Arguments with your spouse/partner or kids, delays, lost … (More)

Losing Someone Hurts: Essences for Grief

Losing Someone Hurts:  Essences for Grief

American Tulip Tree Essence

American Tulip Tree Photo: Spirit of Makasutu Essences


The pain of loss – whether it be a loved one or beloved pet, a job, your home or a relationship – is difficult to bear, especially without support.  Essences are an excellent way to … (More)