Dreamwork: Harness the Power of Your Dreams

Dreamwork: Listening to Your Inner Being

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Dreamwork is working with, and listening to, your dreams.  Big or small, gentle or scary, our dreams come from the deepest, most unknown part of ourselves.

When we have strayed from the path that is right for us, we are disturbed by our dreams – it’s how our unconscious (which knows ALL about us) floats up a little kite to get us to focus on a particular issue.

Dreams and Vibrational Essences

Flower and other vibrational essences are wonderful tools to help us with dreams – they can help manifest, clarify and understand our dreams.  I use my own Sprit of Makasutu Essences, along with various other ranges, to help my clients tap into and understand their dreams.

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While dreams my seem “crazy” and nonsensical, there is a very clear message given as applies to YOU.  You must learn the language of your unconscious and understand what symbols your unconscious is using as well as what those symbols mean to you – which is why dreambooks are virtually usesless, as they give general meanings and not what is specific to YOU and YOUR LIFE.

How Listening to Dreams Can Help You

Dreams can act like smokestacks to “burn off” the remains of the day (arguments, getting cut off by another driver, etc.), but they are also useful as problem solvers and prophets.  I wouldn’t even be writing this if it weren’t from the fact that I’ve followed my own dreams from childhood and know how powerful dreams can be when it comes to making changes in my life.

Have YOU been disturbed by a dream that “just makes no sense”?  Would you like to learn how to harness the power of your dreams and move your life forward in all sorts of ways?

You could be missing a powerful and important message by not investigating your dreams!

Dreamwork Consultations

For a Dreamwork consultation + a 30ml  personal blend of flower essences OR an aromatherapy blend to help you make the most of your dreams, make an appointment on my Appointments page.