Corn Poppy Essence


“I awaken and strengthen the eyes of Spirit.”

Latin Name: Papaver rhoeas

Link to Chakra: Brow Chakra

Origin: Eurasia

Traditional herbal uses: The seed, used raw or cooked, is used for flavouring cakes, bread, wine, etc.  A n oil, said to be a good substitute for olive oil, is also obtained from the seeds.  The flowers have a long history of use in medicine for the elderly and children— coughs, insomnia, poor digestion and nervous digestive orders have been treated with the flowers.  They are also used to treat jaundice.

Energetic properties:

  1. Enhance functioning of the third eye
  2. Engender clear thought and decisive action

This lovely lady sat near the entrance of the botanical garden, her bright flowers dancing in the breeze.  I had no idea what essences I would make this particular trip— only that I would be making three.  Corn Poppy was the first of the three.  The lime green “eyes” at the base of the flower are gorgeous and drew my own eyes (as well as the bees) deep within  the flower.

You receive: 30 ml blue glass bottle. The colour protects the essences/oils from UV rays.


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